Vintage Home Trends


Perhaps it's no surprise that as natural materials such as jute and fiber art like macramé came back into fashion over the last year or so, caning would be next.

Bold Wallpaper

Wallpaper is having a big, big moment. These are big, bold and luscious. Watch for jungle themes, botanicals and bold florals to take center stage, as well as textures now available through advances in technology and manufacturing.

Repurposed Furniture

Breathe life into vintage furniture that may be languishing elsewhere by finding a new purpose for it. If you have a record cabinet on hand but no longer collect vinyl, it could serve as a drink cart.

Postmodern Style

Right on time: Late '80s and '90s styles have been creeping back into our consciousness, but stylish interiors influencers are already incorporating them in their homes in big ways.

Earth Tones

The Earth tones that are hot, hot, hot right now come straight from sunsets in the desert. Think terra-cotta, rust, marigold and dusty rose. Pair them together for an almost tone-on-tone palette that feels simultaneously grounding and invigorating — not unlike a trip to a desert spa.

Schoolhouse Lights

Originating around the 1920s, schoolhouse lights illuminated large spaces such as libraries and classrooms, in part because only one was needed to throw great, diffused light.

Handmade Tile

Nothing adds soul and vintage warmth to a home like something made by the human hand. In this case, artisan tile, from Mercury Mosaics, can be executed in a wide array of vintage tile styles.


As the sharper angles of the mid-century modern movement continue to fade on the home-trends landscape, rounder shapes are moving in to take their place. Squared-off doorways suddenly feel … square.

French Mirrors

For those who want to take a traditionally styled home a step into something more ornate, a French-style mirror is one stylish option.

Painted/Color Cabinets

As supply chains catch up and cabinet makers finally find room in their schedules, the demand for color cabinets will continue to rise. They're especially popular among those who love the traditional English cottage cabinet look.

Curvilinear Silhouettes

The most marked places curvilinear (consisting of or bounded by curved lines) silhouettes are showing up? Sofas, like the one shown here, and chairs.

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