7 Must-Buy Penny Stocks 2023

7. Silvercorp Metals (SVM) $3.00

Based in Canada but focused on China, Silvercorp Metals (NYSEAMERICAN: SVM)

6. Planet Labs (PL) $4.68

Based in San Francisco, California, Planet Labs (NYSE:PL)

5. B2Gold (BTG) $3.26

B2Gold (NYSEAMERICAN:BTG) is a Canadian mining firm.

4. Denison Mines (DNN) $1.22

Denison Mines (NYSEAMERICAN:DNN) ranks among the penny stocks covering a “precious” metal: uranium.

3. Ferroglobe (GSM) $4.28

Billed as a global leader in advanced metallurgical products, Ferroglobe (NASDAQ:GSM) provides critical solutions for hundreds of consumers and industrial applications

2. MaxCyte (MXCT) $4.70

Based in Maryland, MaxCyte (NASDAQ:MXCT) is a pioneer in cell engineering enabling technology.

1. RLX Technology (RLX) $2.05

If you really want to take your penny stocks to the extreme, RLX Technology (NYSE:RLX) may be right for you.