The Most Useless Cars Ever Made

Chevrolet SSR

It is no secret that Chevrolet has come up with rather odd and useless vehicles throughout the years. When it comes to lack of usefulness though, the Chevy SSR takes the cake.

Peel P50

Half a century has passed since the original debut of this controversial microcar. On one hand, its tiny size could come in handy when navigating around busy cities. This little car weighs so little that it can easily be picked up and used as a rolling suitcase.

AMC Gremlin

This quirky subcompact has always been overshadowed by the Pacer. Both cars are tiny, poorly designed, and utterly pointless for most people.

Reliant Robin

This odd vehicle is perhaps one of the most famous British cars of all time. The Reliant Robin, however, rose to fame for all the wrong reasons.


Most of us wanted an amphibious vehicle back when we were kids. Back in 1960, a German automaker decided to turn his dream into reality.

BMW Isetta

Microcars were developed to be the ideal automobile for the daily commute around the city. The Isetta, built by BMW, first hit the market in the mid-1950s. Although the idea behind it may have been decent, this odd microcar quickly proved to be pretty useless in the real world.

Honda Insight

The modern, third-gen of the Honda Insight is a far cry from the original version of the car. Back at the very beginning of the 21st century, the Japanese automaker unveiled this weird vehicle as a gateway to the future of cars. That was the idea, at least.

Velorex Oskar

There's a pretty good chance that you have never even heard of this odd microcar. This quirky three-wheeler was built by a Czechoslovakian automaker between the 1950s and the 70s, right when similar-sized vehicles started popping up in other European countries.

Chrysler Prowler

This quirky sports car hit the market in the late 1990s. The automotive press, as well as potential buyers, were drawn in by the car's weird appearance.

Covini C6W

Supercars were always all about innovation. Back in the 1980s, Ferruccio Covini showed his unique vision of a high-performance supercar. Its most distinctive feature has got to be a six-wheel drivetrain.

Chrysler PT Cruiser GT

The base Chrysler PT Cruiser is, despite its controversial design, a sensible pick in its price range. It's cheap to maintain and relatively fuel-efficient. Solid pick, as long as you can get past the awful styling.


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