Steve Jobs: $54,000 Jobs has the most valuable autograph of any person, living or dead. A signature from the Apple founder is worth a small fortune at $54,000. 

Steven Hawking: $41,000 As expected, Stephen Hawking's signature is rare and therefore extremely valuable. Due to his battle with Lou Gehrig’s disease, by the end of the 1970s Hawking could no longer write. In the later year of his life, he would occasionally sign books with his fingerprint dipped in ink. 

The Beatles: $40,000 An album page signed by the Beatles is valued at $25,000, while a photograph signed by the legendary band comes with a staggering $40,000 price tag.

James Dean: $24,600 James Dean's brooding good looks, acting chops and untimely death at 24 have made him one of the foremost cultural icons of the 20th century. Needless to say, authentic examples of the 50s heartthrob's autograph, such as this inscribed photo, are worth a small fortune.

Bruce Lee: $16,400 The martial arts legend is a collectors' favorite and Bruce Lee memorabilia is big business. Autographs penned by the Way of the Dragon star attract high prices. Pictured is a good example of a Bruce Lee autograph.

Marilyn Monroe: $15,700 Another icon who departed far too soon, Marilyn Monroe left behind a wealth of collectibles, including many signed items. This 1956 signed photo of the blonde bombshell by society photographer Cecil Beaton sold for $25,265 in 2012.

Albert Einstein: $14,300 Authentic documents or photos that have been signed by the most important scientist of the 20th century are perennially in demand. The current value of a signed item is about $14,300.

Diana, Princess of Wales: $13,600 Dubbed 'the pinnacle of royal collectibles', the average item autographed by Diana, Princess of Wales commands a price tag now of around $13,600.

Neil Armstrong: $13,600 The first person to walk on the Moon reportedly signed thousands of photos, letters and cards during his lifetime, so while Neil Armstrong autographs aren't the rarest, collectors will pay top dollar for the best examples.

John F. Kennedy: $12,300 JFK's signature is extremely collectible and, while there are many examples in existence, the vast majority of them are either autopenned or printed. The rarer autographs that are signed by hand attract the highest prices.

The Rolling Stones: $10,900 Autographs of legendary 60s bands are much sought-after. Signed Rolling Stones memorabilia is particularly valuable. A signed photo from the original 1960s line-up worth is $10,900 according to latest figures, a 15% increase from 2018.

Jimi Hendrix: $10,900 Autographs of rock or movie stars who died young, particularly members of the infamous 27 Club, command premium prices. Jimi Hendrix's is no exception. A signed photograph is valued at $10,900 according to latest figures.

Winston Churchill: $10,800 The wartime British prime minister was a prolific writer and note-taker, and many examples of his highly desirable signature exist, from signed government documents to personal correspondence and informal notes. His signature is worth $10,800.

John Lennon: $10,800 Out of the original members of the Beatles, John Lennon's autograph is the most coveted, for obvious reasons. A signed photograph is valued at $10,800. Once a smart investment, the value of an autograph has remained stagnant since 2018. 

Kurt Cobain: $4,000 An autograph from the late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain has increased in value by 50% between 2018-2020, making it the biggest climber of any other signature. 

Queen Elizabeth II: $6,100 Queen Elizabeth II has the most valuable signature of any other living person. A signed photograph of the British monarch is worth $6,100.

Prince William: $4,790 Despite the decrease in value of his brother's signature, the value of the future King's signature is on the rise. According to latest figures, a signature from Prince William is worth $4,790. This is a 27% increase from 2018.

Paul McCartney: $4,035 Worth considerably more than fellow former band member Ringo Starr, Sir Paul McCartney's signature is currently valued at $4,035, though the value has remained stagnant since 2018.

JK Rowling: $3,760 Best selling Harry Potter author JK Rowling is used to signing books, and a signed copy of one of her tomes could get you $3,760. This is a 22% increase from 2018.

Prince Harry: $2,390 According to the latest figures, Prince Harry's signature is worth $2,390. This is a 13% decrease from 2018, perhaps due to his shock departure from the British Royal Family in 2020.

Donald Trump: $1,025 An autograph from former POTUS Donald Trump is worth around $1,025. This is a 15% increase from 2018, when a signature was worth $889.