Bad Interview Habits That Will Keep You From Being Hired

Getting called for a job interview -- especially now, in an extremely difficult job market -- is a major feat in itself.

You Didn't Do Your Homework

If you didn't take the time to research the company you are interviewing with, this could be a red flag to your interviewer.

You Didn't Research Who Your Interviews Are With

You will typically get the name and titles of the people you will be interviewing with ahead of time. Just as you should research the company, you should also research your interviewers.

You Didn't Send a Thank You Email

A timely, polite follow-up after the interview can go a long way. Mullings said to always send a thank you email to your interviewer within 24 hours.

You Didn't Prepare Meaningful Questions

When your interviewer asks if you have questions for them, this is still part of the interview.

You Just Didn't Mesh Well With the Interviewer

Sometimes you and your interviewer just won't have a good interview "chemistry."

You Came Across as Uninterested

"Recruiters are human and they want to know the person is interested in their company, the role and, in general, interested in other people,"

You Asked About Salary, Benefits or Time Off During an Initial Interview

While it's OK to ask these questions when you are further along in the interview process, you should not bring up these topics during the initial interview

You Started Off on the Wrong Foot

The first impression can be everything.

You Spoke Poorly About Your Former Workplace

Speaking poorly about former employers or managers could be a red flag for recruiters.

You Pretended To Know About a Topic You Don't Actually Know About

"I'd much prefer a candidate say, 'I'm not familiar with that,' and then provide examples from their past on their continuous learning, appetite for being trained and engaging with new concepts, etc., than to pretend they know about a subject they don't,"

You Didn't Effectively Relate Your Experience to the Needs of the Current Position

Simply going through your resume isn't enough to land a job -- you must explain how your previous experience qualifies you for the open position.

Your Salary Expectations Are Too High

If you've made it to the point in the interview process when it's appropriate to discuss salary, be sure your expectations are in line with other salaries for the given role.

You Are Under- or Overqualified

Sometimes, the reason you didn't get a call back will have nothing to do with your interview performance.


Wish you All The Best for Your Job Search