3 Ultra-High-Yield Dividend Stocks to Buy Right Now

Looking for ultra high-yield dividend stocks to boost your investment portfolio? Discover three top picks that offer impressive returns. Invest wisely and maximize your earnings today.

KEY POINTS – Ares Capital stands out as one of the market's best business development company (BDC) stocks. – Enbridge is a midstream energy leader with 28 consecutive years of dividend increases. – Enterprise Products Partners is another midstream stock offering an even higher yield and stronger recent gains than Enbridge.

Ares Capital (ARCC)

A business development company that provides financing to middle-market companies. It has a dividend yield of **8.7%** and a history of increasing its payout

Enbridge (ENB)

An energy infrastructure company that operates pipelines, terminals, and renewable power projects. It has a dividend yield of **7.2%** and a streak of 26 consecutive years of dividend growth

Enterprise Products Partners (EPD)

A midstream energy company that transports, stores, and processes natural gas, crude oil, and other commodities. It has a dividend yield of **8.6%** and a record of 22 straight years of dividend hikes

Don't think that ultra-high dividend yields always translate to ultra-high risk levels.

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