10 Principles You Must Possess if You Want to Become Wealthy

ZERO Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt is incredibly difficult to recover from. If you are struggling financially and having a hard time reaching the level of wealth that you want, take a serious look at your credit card debt. The percentages are high, and it just keeps compounding.

3-6 Month Emergency Fund

Jobs can come and go, and expenses that you weren't expecting can come up. Do not let this derail you. Have enough money to live for 3-6 months in some type of emergency situation. In addition to this being a great financial step, it can also give you peace of mind.

Invest 20%+ of Your Income

Your income should not all be spent doing the things you want to do; some of it has to go towards the things you have to do. One of those things is investing. Spending 20% of your money investing will help you build wealth.

Track Spending With A Budget

Most people are shocked to see how much money they spend. If you have a budget, which is incredibly easy to have with tracking apps, you can get a better representation of where your money is going.

Live Below Your Means

It's great that you can afford a lot, but the question is whether or not you "need" to spend as much as you are. If you can find ways to live comfortably and happily below your means, the long-term impacts are strong.

Invest In Assets

Assets such as real estate will grow in value over time and help you build a portfolio of wealth.

No Car Payments

Car payments will be money that you can't spend on investing or growing your wealth. Cars are never really an investment, so find something that works, that you can afford, and that you can then save some money.

Create A Life You Love

It's easier and more fun to build wealth when you are doing something you love. Create a life that doesn't feel like work but is helping you build the life of wealth you desire.

Focus On What You Can Control

So much of your situation is out of your hands; this applies to everyone. However, there are things you can control, and focusing on those will leave you feeling like you have the power in your life to make it what you want.

Know Your Worth

Self-worth will only improve your financial status but also lead you on a path of success. In addition to knowing your worth, be sure to understand your strengths and weaknesses and work to grow both on a daily basis.