Top 10 US Cities Homebuyers Trying To Get Away

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As property costs in some locations rise too high, new homebuyers are now making the decision to move.

The housing market has been slowing down because of more expensive mortgages, higher interest rates, and skyrocketing inflation.

Housing Market

According to a recent Redfin analysis, a record 32.6% of Americans considered moving to a different metro area in the second quarter of 2022, slightly high from 32.3% in the first quarter, and far higher than 26% before the epidemic.

Real Estate Financing

In San Francisco or San Jose, the average home now costs more than $1.5 million. Redfin Deputy Chief Economist Taylor Marr stated in a news release that when you factor in today's mortgage rates of 5% or higher, your monthly payment will be quite exorbitant.

"Those elements are encouraging a bigger proportion of purchasers to seek properties in different regions of the country, along with the fact that more businesses are allowing employees the permanent option to work remotely. In Phoenix or San Antonio, a person who would have to go over their budget in Los Angeles could be able to afford a home comfortably, Marr continued.

Housing Bubble

You can see that many of the locations people are willing to leave are among the most affluent and densely populated metro areas in the U.S.

  1. San Francisco, CA
  2. Los Angeles, CA
  3. New York, NY
  4. Washington, D.C.
  5. Seattle, WA
  6. Boston, MA
  7. Detroit, MI
  8. Denver, CO
  9. Chicago, IL
  10. Minneapolis, MN

In the second quarter of 2022, San Francisco had the biggest difference between individuals looking to move in and those looking to leave. Over 45,000 more users out of Redfin's sample of two million users looked to move out of the city than move in. That tendency was undoubtedly influenced by high property prices.

Rental Market

According to a recent analysis, a one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco cost an average of $3,572 in June. According to the survey, the average one-bedroom in New York City cost $5,812 in June, an alarming 41% increase over the same month last year.


Real Estate Market

The top locations for homebuyers wishing to migrate, according to Redfin, include:

  1. Miami, FL
  2. Tampa, FL
  3. Phoenix, AZ
  4. Sacramento, CA
  5. Las Vegas, NV

Despite the fact that many Sun Belt cities have experienced rapid population growth and price hikes because of the pandemic, they are frequently still more inexpensive than cities like Boston and Los Angeles.

Top 10 US Cities Homebuyers Trying To Get Away

Housing Market Prices

People are looking for locations where buying a home is more reasonable, according to Freddie Mac research from June. The company discovered that the most well-liked locations for out-of-town homebuyers were concentrated in "competitive interior markets and Southern beach destinations" including Dallas, Phoenix, and Tampa between March 2020 and February 2022.

When compared to buying in their existing towns, many people find that buying a property in those Sun Belt cities means significant financial savings. According to Freddie Mac, the median home price on loan applications in the areas attracting the most out-of-towners was $128,000 less than the median price in those purchasers' hometowns.

Real Estate Market Analysis

Unfortunately, purchasers who want to move shouldn't expect to save money in every area. Popular Sun Belt communities have some of the highest rates of inflation in the nation, according to research Redfin conducted earlier this year.


Many purchasers who frequently lost out to higher bidders during the market's peak are now having their offers accepted, and in some cases they're even qualified for FHA loans, allowing them to put down less money and maintain the appraisal contingency.


This study was conducted to find out which US cities homeowners are trying to get away from and why.

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