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Minimalist Home Design means spacious rooms with minimum furniture and accessories. There is a will to create a link between the inside and the outside space and to search for a relationship between the interior spaces through natural light, the spaces are often clean and open and the internal walls are limited to allow a continuum between inside and outside.

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Minimalist Home Design

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Simplicity in form and function: the aim of a minimalist design is to achieve better design through the simplicity of forms, space, materials, details and colours. A must are sharp lines, solid surfaces, low furniture and pastel shades.

Simple colours: white is the main colour and should form the basis for walls, floor and furniture. As an alternative, you can choose neutral colours such as beige or grey.

Minimalist Home Design Tips

Clean, open light-filled spaces: minimalistic home usually has big windows that do not have curtains or shades to create an effect of lightness.

Attention to materials: when selecting the material, it will give an opportunity to create visual interest and add personality through textures and patterns.


Minimalism is not a fashion but a conscious and sophisticated way of designing.

Home Decor Ideas

Your Home Interior Can Make You Sick. Emerging research is showing that your home’s lighting, space, and room design can affect how you feel.

These studies have led to the creation of a new field of architecture called, Neuro-architecture. This is a very exciting, innovative development whereby neuro-science is combined with architecture in order to create modern designs that are effective, functional and even possibly healing!

Here are a few home designs that could be causing your bad mood:

  • If a room is too cluttered, then you can become anxious
  • If a room is too dark, then you can become depressed or feel gloomy
  • If a room is too bright, then you can feel stressed and hurried
  • If a room is too small, then you can feel cramped, trapped or closed-in

None of those scenarios sounds like the welcoming retreat we crave

Minimalist Home Design Tips

We understand you have all these decor items because you wanted to make your home feel cosy and welcoming. Unfortunately, you may be doing the opposite by making your home cluttered and a haven from allergy-inducing dust mites.

Look through our Freshome image of minimalist interiors and you will not see layer upon layer of rugs, pillows and knick-knacks—rather, these homes look clean, and uncluttered, yet remain welcoming. This minimalist style is what you should try to replicate in order to achieve a less stressed home environment.


Simplicity and Symmetry Make You Calm

Our brains are funny and complicated organs. We may never completely understand how the brain functions, but there are studies that show how the brain reacts to symmetry, and it’s a positive reaction. Our brains love symmetry!

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How can I make my house look minimalist?

Home Design Ideas

1. Pick brighter colours. The key to minimalist living is utilizing space
2. Pick solid colours
3. Pick out wall decorations that really pop
4. Choose smaller, nicer pieces of furniture
5. Change up texture
6. Pick a good base colour and build on it

How do you design a minimalist?

The Key Rules of Minimalist Home Design

1. Less is more
2. Keep it simple
3. Leave empty spaces
4. Use only the bare necessities
5. Implement a flat design
6. Keep it balanced
7. Use grids to maintain order

Home Interior

Most minimalist interiors have a simple approach to colour—keep it light and simple. You will notice that minimalist homes usually have rather large windows that allow natural light to fill the room.

Minimalist Home Design Tips

Neutral, simplistic rooms allow our brains to process the room as a whole, without causing our eyes to flit about between confusing, bright colours and small knick-knacks.

If you want to add pops of colour into your home, then do it in a balanced manner by adding hints of the same colour throughout the room. For example, red cushions on your sofa balanced with red vases flanking your fireplace mantle and maybe some red picture frames on a side table. All of these accents match and give a room a sense of balance while avoiding the boredom of a plain neutral room.


Minimalist Home Design idea

A minimalist lounge can still harbour accessories. A white and wood canvas provides space for potted greenery, marbled artwork and differently-coloured cushions and mats.


Interior Design Style
Minimalist Home Design idea

Look around: What do you see? If it’s anything like our surroundings, there are piles of paper (mostly bills and junk mail), car keys, shoes around the front door, empty cups, sunglasses, and random objects that somehow made their way from our bag to the kitchen counter. And that’s just the beginning. The dining table is another surface that tends to be a clutter magnet.


Minimalist Home Design idea

Not sure how to house your kitchen and lounge? Take a cue from this shared space. Using light grey flooring to connect the two, the lounge remains white, bright and rectangular; the kitchen is bathed in concrete grey. Under-cabinet LEDs keep the kitchen’s light breathing, while a black dining table set harks to the lounge with a vase of white florals.



The #1 Secret To Home Design is to think about the layout and purpose of each room in advance. Think about how you will use each room, what you will do in each space, and how it should look. This will help you create a game plan for the design.

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